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Brief Intervention by Phone
mental health This is Brief Intervention for Schizophrenic Patient by Phone in New Cases Nakhonphanom Ratjhanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital has objectives to develop caring process by using Brief Intervention for psychiatric patient by Phone in new cases (BIP) for first-admission prevention.

This research exploring related biological and psychosocial factors of psychiatric patients, then develop technology for caring new cases schizophrenic patient for first-admission prevention. Duration of Trial period was 9 months (August 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012) among patients and relatives/caregivers who was diagnosed to be schizophrenia along ICD-10 criteria, first visit at Nakhonphanom Rajchanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital and no in-patient medical records. Samples were 20 patients and 20 relatives/caregivers selected by purposive sampling technique. Evaluation process by staffs who passed BIP training course. The psycholosical technology were BPRS Scale Knowledge, Attitude and Feeling of relatives/caregivers to schizophrenic patient Scale , home care records , stress test and satisfactory test. Data was analyzed by content analysis and comparative interpretation different of pre-post project application in each categories. Significant level was less than .05 . Statistics by percentage and mean. In Results , it is found that the large amount of samples were female in age of 31-40 years old . Most of them are married and are primary school graduates , agricultural occupation , parental relationship between patient-caregivers. Education level was not influenced the samples in issue of caring patient knowledge when comparative with pre-post giving knowledge through BIP process, the knowledge and attitude toward schizophrenic patient assessment found that knowledge pre-test average score was 7.0 after applying BIP for 9 months. Then, re-assessment found that average score was 16.8, which score increase for 9.8 points at the statistically significant (p
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